How to connect MT4 to TradingView

How to connect MT4 to TradingView

If you’re looking for a better trading experience, you should consider connecting MT4 to TradingView. This will allow you to have access to all of the features offered by both platforms, and it’s a great way to improve your trading results. In this article, we will show you how to connect MT4 to TradingView and take advantage of all the benefits that this combination has to offer!

What is TradingView and what are its features

TradingView is a social network for traders and investors to share their ideas and strategies, as well as to find new ones. It also offers a suite of tools for charting and analysis, which can be used to make better-informed trading decisions.

How to connect your MT4 account to TradingView

If you’re like me, then you love using TradingView for your charting needs. The platform is user-friendly and has all of the bells and whistles that I need to make informed trading decisions.

This is where MetaTrader comes in. MetaTrader is a popular trading platform that allows users to trade directly from their charts. And best of all, it can be easily connected to TradingView! In this article, I’m going to show you how to do just that.

So let’s get started! First things first, you’ll need to have both MetaTrader and TradingView installed on your computer. I’m using MetaTrader version four, but the process should be similar for other versions as well.

Once you have both platforms installed, open up MetaTrader and click on “File” > “Open Data Folder”. This will open up a folder on your computer where all of the MetaTrader data is stored. Inside this folder, create a new folder and name it “MQL45”. Now close MetaTrader and head over to TradingView.

On the TradingView website, go to “Tools” > “Platforms” and select “MetaTrader”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the option to download an indicator. Save this file inside the MQL45 folder that you created earlier.

The next step is to open up MetaTrader and click on “View” > “Navigator”. In the “Navigator” window, expand the “Expert Advisors” tab and drag-and-drop the indicator file that you downloaded from TradingView into this folder.

How to use the various tools on TradingView

There are a variety of tools available on TradingView that can be used in order to make the most informed and profitable decisions when trading. While it may seem overwhelming at first, learning how to use these tools is essential for any trader who wants to up their game. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular and useful tools available on TradingView:

– The order book: This tool shows you the current buy and sell orders for a particular asset. This is useful for seeing how much interest there is in an asset and whether it is currently being bought or sold more.

– The charting tools: TradingView offers a variety of different charts that can be used to track an asset’s price movements over time. This is useful for seeing trends and making predictions about where the price is headed next.

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